“In Griot Time” has the power to beguile even those who have never heard a note of West African music.
— Billboard of the best can’t-put-it-down roots music reads in recent memory...highly, highly recommended.
— Folk Roots Magazine
Really wonderful!
— Charlie Gillett, BBC
V.S. Naipaul fans: you will love this book!
— Amazon
In Griot Time is Banning Eyre’s gripping, entertaining and insightful journey into the world of music and the lives of musicians in Mali. It is an essential and extraordinary read for anyone interested in African and world music.
— Maure Aronson Executive Director, World Music, Boston
In Griot Time is definitely useful for cultural studies/ethnomusicology courses. I teach a course called “Popular Music of Africaand the Diaspora” at the 300 (mid-range) level. I get undergrads of all years. There have been so few books written on contemporary African music compared to the many recent books about the Caribbean. I will surely use In Griot Time next time I teach the course.
— Professor Christopher Dunn Department of Music, Tulane University


“In Griot Time” is No. 1 on the radio program called “Racines.”
— Radio Cite Vauban, France
Album of the Week
August 4, 2000
— Ben Ratliff, New York Times
...a spellbinding listening experience.
— Folk Roots Magazine
...unlike anything else on record.
— Henry Kaiser,
...a real feast for fans of African guitar.
— CMJ indispensable compendium...
— The Independent on Sunday
...what a time it must have been.
— Daily News, Durban, South Africa
Eyre’s refined ear pulls together the best...