Lion Songs on NPR's All Things Considered

Getting ready to hit the road with Lion Songs. So far, getting some significant love from radio.

Probably the biggest catch so far is this interview with Robert Siegel at NPR's All Things Considered,  Robert told me that he covered Zimbabwe's liberation struggle from London in the early days of NPR, so he had a real feeling for the subject. He's more of a classical music guy, but Mapfumo's sound clearly touched him, especially the mbira-based songs, whose connection to Shona religion fascinated him.

The interview was, of course, longer than this, but the editing was very nicely done. Kudos to Greg Dixon on that.  The only thing I miss was our discussion of how Lion Songs tries to understand the feelings and thinking of those who defend Robert Mugabe's controversial land policy. Robert pressed me on that, and we got a bit into the weeds--but interesting weeds.  Well, another time. I can't complain. It's a fine piece.

And many more interviews to come...